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How the DM sees the mummy:


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When you accidentally spell ‘nwo’ when you meant ‘now’



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we’re being faced with a serious issue.

there is only 1 sarcasm left

now we’ve got to use it wisely. please, for the love of god, think before you speak. it’s gotta be good.

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"What? It’s for charity!" -Dean Ambrose

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So, I want to do a little talking, and this is the best place to do it, so I’m just gonna jump in. I was born in a small town in West Virginia by the name of Henderson. A small town of about 200 people. I moved to Ohio when I was 5. That was 2000. Just to give everyone a time frame.

So, now, I’m 19, live in Columbus, Ohio, and am in between college and pursuing a career in professional wrestling. My mother is dying due to cirrhosis of the liver and I’m expecting her to pass any day now. The time frame for her is such a huge gradient. It could be years, or days. Just to give everyone my mindset/emotional feelings, in less than desirable wording.

Right now, the US is facing one of the most atrocious race altercations since March 3rd, 1991. The beating of African American Rodney King by five Caucasian police officers, or “Defenders of the Law”, if you will. This happened over two decades ago, specifically, 22 years, 4 months, and some odd days ago. However, it is considered to be one of the worst incidents in history involving African Americans and Caucasians in the US. And now, we have Michael Brown. Shot dead in the streets by a police officer. Why do I care, you may ask? Because I was raised to believe all men were created equal and should be provided a level playing field so everyone has a fair chance at the “American Dream”. “But you’re a stupid White.” “You’re probably a racist, because you’re from West Virginia.” “Don’t act like you care about other races, you privileged asshole.”

Believe it or not, the above three sentences are all things I have had said to me in my lifetime, whether it be verbally and to my face, or behind the Costello shades that adorn the face of the anonymous icon here on tumblr. I have, multiple times in my life, been accused as being a racist for simple and completely undeserving reasons. However, it doesn’t matter. This is not about me. This is about men and women, whom with which I do not share a skin color, being oppressed and systematically destroyed simply for not being White. I’ve had friends be harassed, profiled, and attacked simply for being Black. I have a friend who faced prejudice for not only being Black, but also for being a homosexual. And if you talk to him, he will tell you to your face that he is proud of who he is, and he he damned well should be.

No one in this world should be faced with such oppression, that they are made to feel inferior and like prey to a more aggressive and egotistical race. I’ve never been oppressed in my life. I have been bullied, I have been held down by people, and told I am not good enough. However, anything I have faced in my life can not compare to the struggles and the institutionalized oppression African Americans have faced since the 1800s. And to me, that completely shatters any idea of “equality” some old ass piece of paper tried to establish. We herald the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as being two of the most important pieces of legislature and “freedom” in the world. However, one is never upheld by any governing body in the US, and the other is Declaration of White Privilege. “We hold these truths to be self-evident….” Sure, but why aren’t those truths apparent to Senators and Governors around the country, who blatantly declare their racism and bigotry as positive qualities for which you should vote?

I realize that much of what I’m saying is probably nonsense and I most likely haven’t addressed anything at all. I really just wanted to express my anger at the fact that I will make friends in this world who won’t get a fair shake towrds happiness as I will. Will I be coddled and carried to success? Most likely not, but because I’m White, I will have a much better shot at it than my buddy Mark, who busts his ass at Capital University so he can become a professor and earn a doctorate in Psychology. He’s going to do far greater things in this world than I will, but the road for him to get there is going to be twice as long as mine, and littered with twice as many roadblocks than mine would have. Unfair? You bet your ass it is. And it should not be a part of “everyday life”.

I have the same dream as MLK. That one day I can stand beside my friend Mark, and watch as his future children are granted every opportunity I was, and that my children will be equal to them, and not treated superior to them. That they will play together and grow together as friends and see the world as I do today. A wonderful place, brimming with hope and potential, without it’s cloak of hatred and bigotry. It is a dream one can only hope and pray for. But dream or no dream, the events that took place, are taking place, and that will continue to take place in Ferguson are a nightmare. One I wish we could wake up from. But until we do, the people of Ferguson, Missouri have my undying support and if I could, I would be there protesting with them. To leave off, let me say this: Hatred and anger is not going to drive out the hatred and anger. Love and acceptance can only drive out hatred and anger. May peace and comfort come to those in need of it, and let’s keep the dream of a wise man alive.